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PHOTO: ACT/Catianne Tijerina*

CWS began in response to an emergency. We came together in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II, and provided more than 11 million pounds of food, clothing and medical supplies to war-torn Europe and Asia. More than 66 years later, emergency response continues to be a priority.


Today we continue to respond to disasters– as a founding member of the ACT Alliance, we work with partners around the world to empower local communities, helping them recover from disaster and build resilient communities. In Central America, the Caribbean and South America we are a member of a dozen active ACT Alliance national forums. When a disaster occurs, forum members are able to conduct immediate assessments and quickly provide material assistance and support to affected communities.


Within 24 hours of the Haiti earthquake, CWS and its partners began providing basic supplies, prepositioned in the Dominican Republic, which continued in the form of water, food, temporary shelter and health assistance. We also expanded support to 13 food cooperatives in the Northwest and Artibonite regions of the country, where many of the residents of Port-Au-Prince had fled following the quake.


And even after the cameras and other organizations have left, we remain committed to assisting with the long-term recovery process. In Haiti we have developed a post-Earthquake response 2013-2016 plan focused on food security, children´s rights, house building and emergency preparedness and rapid response. Click here for more info.


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